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Attend Feast, Receive a HOT New Spring Product!

Audience: All Consultants


Subject line: Attend Feast, receive a HOT new spring product!


Plenty o’ leftovers to take home.


Including a HOT new Stoneware piece added to your doggie bag.


Effortless to transport. A cinch to demonstrate. Microwave friendly.


Pull up a chair at Feast and receive this exclusive, never-seen-anything-like-it kitchen tool.


Available FREE…but only if you attend.


Register now!







Be the first to feast your eyes on the season’s newest products and learn how to use them to increase bookings and sales.



Fill up on the latest sales tips from Home Office staff and field leaders.



Load your plate with new insights from other successful Consultants.



Celebrate a table full of achievement.


Already registered? Your seat at the table’s reserved.

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