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Lewis University - Employer Partnership Flyer

Lewis University has partnered with various school districts in order to provide their employees with tuition discounts. We sent this flyer to those partner schools to encourage their teachers to return to school for an advanced degree or endorsement by promoting the discount they’d receive, as well as the way Lewis helps them balance school with work and family.

Lewis University - Adult Undergraduate Ad

This ad appeared in the Daily Herald, targeting adults who never earned their bachelor’s degree. It conveys how Lewis works with adult students to ease their transition back to school and the different formats courses can be taken so people can work school around their already busy schedules.

Lewis University - Data Science Program Sheet

The Master of Science in Data Science was a brand new program for Lewis University in 2014. This program sheet was created so that the counselors could promote the program while we created more formal language for the viewbook this program would be included in. It gives them an overview of the program while explaining the ways Lewis helps students work graduate studies into their busy lives.


Google’s New York sales office asked for a campaign that would attract bright, energetic individuals, while showcasing the fact that Google is more than just a search engine. I accomplished this by showing how Google is integrating itself into every aspect of an individual’s everyday life, by integrating them into scenes of everyday life. The result was a fun, eye-catching campaign that won the account.


V3 is a Chicago-based national civil engineering company. They asked for an employment branding campaign that would attract individuals who were passionate about what they did and anxious to learn more. I figured the best way to bring this to our audience’s mind would be to ask a simple question: What did you do today? My designer came up with interesting visuals that brought the question to life and demonstrated the impact candidates could make. The breadth of this idea allowed us to target a wide range of candidates and was very successful for V3.

AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters wanted an employment brand that would attract people who are passionate about movies – the people who turn out to be their best employees – to work in their theaters. I worked with an artist to come up with images that would allow us to showcase the idea of what it truly means to be passionate about movies. Coupled with copy that conveys how much fun people can have as employees of AMC Theater, we created a campaign that sets AMC as an employer of choice in every community.

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