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Lewis University - Open House Email

Since 2015, Lewis University has been holding an open house geared toward their adult undergraduate and graduate populations every spring. We first announced the event through a direct mail campaign. We then sent an email announcement and then continuously promoted it through print ads, social media and follow-up emails.  Emails were targeted toward Nursing, Education, and IT & Business. These events were the Graduate Admission Department’s best ever attended events. In 2015, 140 people attended to learn about adult and graduate programs. In 2016, more than 200 people attended.

Lewis University - Social Media Event Strategy Email

The Hickory Hills Chamber of Commerce was looking to increase the activity of its members. They enlisted the assistance of one of Lewis’ graduate counselors to give a series of workshops on growing their business through social media. The Hickory Hills Chamber provided us with a list of their members whom we emailed promoting the event.  15 members attended the workshops.

The Pampered Chef - January 2014 First of the Month Email

Every month, The Pampered Chef® emails its Consultants about all the important promotions they can take advantage of. I decided to start 2014 with something that would generate excitement and set the tone for an exciting year.

The Pampered Chef - Feast

Every spring, The Pampered Chef® invites its Consultants to a big meeting where they offer training, networking opportunities with other Consultants and reveal the season’s new product line. I decided to have fun with it by playing off the very thing the company is known for – cooking utensils – to create an engaging email campaign that would develop a hunger in the Consultants for everything the meeting was set to deliver. It resulted in a fantastic turnout with a great time had by all.

The Pampered Chef - Happy Valentine's Day

The Pampered Chef® decided it wanted to connect with its Consultants on a more personal level. Choosing the holidays as a vehicle for accomplishing this, we decided to focus Valentine’s Day’s email on the love the company has for its Consultant base.

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